Fringe Under Glass 2020

“The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” Kakuzo Okakura

When the COVID-19 pandemic began to engulf our entire world, like a storm with no real end in sight, the arts and creative-events industry was one of (many) to be completely ravaged.

The physical, financial and emotional damages to our communities have not even begun to be truly understood. In 2019, the Scranton Fringe Festival celebrated its largest and most impactful installment yet (with nearly 10,000 attendees, across over 100 performances in eleven days) and we thought it was setting the stage for a brilliant year of growth in 2020.

Growth and change was of course on the horizon, but the shape it would take took us all by surprise. 

In addition to creating an emergency fund for Northeast PA artists & creative gig workers and launching a digital platform for performing artists (SOCIAL DISTANT SCENE THEATRE) – we decided to strive to see if some version of live arts could be presented in the fall of 2020 safely while still supporting our diverse community of artists and audiences.

That is how, FRINGE UNDER GLASS, was born.

Fringe Under Glass was an innovative pilot program of the performing arts set behind the windows of various downtown Scranton venues and small businesses that we successfully launched in September 2020. The live works featured solo artists as well as small groups of creative talent who are already living or working in close proximity, creating strong visuals as well as engaging live audiences safely from a distance.

The audiences were immersed fully in the experiences, while staying outdoors and masked, via wireless headsets that one might find at a silent disco. One audience member was quoted as stating that it “allowed me to fully experience the beauty of each performance, even from a distance”!

Over three-hundred and fifty (350+) individuals joined us as audience members across the event weekend (September 25th – 27th) to enjoy the combined efforts of nearly forty (4o) individual artists & creatives. 

Enjoy a few photos (captured by the amazing Julie Jordan) from FRINGE UNDER GLASS below and stay tuned for a more detailed review of the incredible event weekend + our thoughts on this unique creative program for the future.