Scranton Storyslam

The Scranton StorySlam features some of the Electric City’s most colorful characters in a head to head storytelling competition. Storytellers each have five minutes to tell a true story from memory, in the tradition of old-fashioned storytelling. To tie the night together every storyslam has a unique theme. The themes are intentionally general, allowing the storytellers to take the audience in any direction, from pants-peeing hilarity to soul-wrenching heartbreak. It is called a “slam” because it is presented in the form of a competition, which results in a high energy and engaging environment for the audience to enjoy.

Formed in March of 2012, the Scranton StorySlam has presented fourteen installments across the Electric City (and beyond)! During the spring of 2016, the Scranton StorySlam became a project under the year round programming of the Scranton Fringe Festival.

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