Insights from an Out-Of-Towner: Let’s Take a Stroll


Intern Hannah’s Dad, Brian Primrose

Hi! Remember me, Hannah from Towanda, Pa? Since my first trip to Scranton, I have made several more; some for meetings with the Fringe committee, and more recently to take some time to really walk around the city on my own time. On my last visit, I convinced my dad to come with me. He obliged, tempted by my suggestion that he snap some photographs of some of our venues for the Scranton Fringe Festival. You see, my dad has a passion for photography. He always has a camera glued to his hands at family parties, concerts, and any other time where there might be a great opportunity to snap a photo. And over the years he has developed some serious skill in the picture department.

Long story short, we decided to make a day trip to see what we could see. On the car ride there, he was all ears as I blabbered on excitedly about how much I loved the city; about how the shops and the buildings just radiated energy and potential. After maneuvering into a tight parking spot, we were on our way.

Our first stop was at the Electric City Building where the Fringe Team has most of our planning meetings. Even though it was closed, we peeked inside, and managed to get a few photos.









I tried to pretend I knew where I was going, but had to stop a few times to consult my GPS. We went and explored the outside of the Leonard, and found some old lettering and a lovely red door. It had recently rained, and the water brightened up all of the colors with a beautiful, shiny luster.

DSC_8342         DSC_8347         DSC_8353



Of course, we ran around the whole town. I directed, and he followed; not missing a beat. We visited a few other venues and stopped at a great little hot dog diner: complete with an old fashioned counter, walls filled with memorabilia, and a cheery older gentleman whipping up dishes with practiced ease.

DSC_8378  DSC_8373    DSC_8358


Overall, I learned a few things on my excursion. One thing I learned is that you should never take for granted the beauty of the place you live. If you just take a walk around Scranton, or wherever your hometown may be, I guarantee you will discover something new each time. Secondly, I learned that sometimes taking time to get out with someone important in your life can really spark up your relationship. I have always been a daddy’s girl, but this trip just solidified our bond. And last but most definitely not least, the Electric City has indeed stolen my heart. Stay tuned for more insights from an out-of-towner!


*all photos by Brian Primrose