Wish List!

Fringe HQ

Scranton Fringe is taking over the Ritz, one pink elephant at a time!

Ever since we moved in last week, we’ve been busy here at Fringe HQ at The Ritz Building! We’re planning and plotting, making lists and schedules, and getting everything ready behind the scenes to ensure the Inaugural Scranton Fringe Festival is absolutely as fun, interesting and engaging as possible.

Some people who don’t have the spare time to volunteer for our planning committees or work box office or to help us with our fundraisers (the next one is on Tuesday Sept 15th at the Woodlands in Wilkes-Barre, by the way!) have been asking us “What else can we do to help out and be a part of #ScrantonFringe?” All of us on Team Fringe are VERY appreciative and happy that so many great community partners have been pitching in on this mammoth project, and we were a little shy about publishing a list of things we need behind the scenes. However, we’ve been asked about it so frequently at this point that we knew we have to put it out there.


If we take the photo here then no one can tell that the only things in this office are a conference table and a printer, right?

Team Fringe has put together a Wish List of things we still need and would LOVE to have donated to the cause! Some of these things are recurring needs and some of them will be removed from the list if a generous soul helps us out. When in doubt, message us at ScrantonFringe@gmail.com to see if whatever you have would work for our purposes. Any and all donations mean so much and help move this festival forward one step at a time. Thanks in advance for sharing your time, energy, and office supplies with us! 🙂


*Please note that Scranton Fringe only has temporary office space – we would LOVE to have a permanent home but it is not currently possible in our budget. Therefore many items on this list can be borrowed until our lease is finished mid-October. If you know of an empty office that would be willing to work with us & our very low budget, or if you would be willing to help sponsor a year-long office space or storage unit, PLEASE LET US KNOW!*


Scranton Fringe Wish List

  • Printer ink for HP Printer BLACK 60XL
  • Printer ink for HP Printer COLOR 60XL
  • Printer paper – multiple reams
    • Alternately: Gift cards of any amount for Staples, Best Buy, WalMart, or any other local store where we can buy printing supplies as needed
  • Folding table
  • Folding chairs (approx. 10-15)
  • Computer (loan is okay – desktop/laptop/just to coordinate staff needs at HQ)
  • Small file cabinet (loan is okay -can return mid-October)
  • Money boxes (need 9)
  • General office supplies (tape, stapler/staples, binders, clipboards)
  • Mini-fridge (loan is okay – can return mid-October)
  • Non-refrigerated beverages (water, soda, Snapple, juice)
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • Paper towels
  • Light cleaning supplies (broom/Mr. Clean spray/small garbage bags)
  • Monetary donations – ALWAYS welcome! No amount is too small because unfortunately our budget is very tight!!
  • YOU – Fringe always needs volunteers! Email us at ScrantonFringe@gmail.com with your schedule availability if you’re interested in helping out!