VIP Hopper Passes now available!

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Scranton Fringe has a LIMITED number of VIP HOPPER PASSES available for purchase by the lucky few! What are they and why the heck should you care about them? Let’s break down the payment options of the whole festival to help you understand.

There are a LOT of shows involved in the Fringe (47 productions, IF you’re keeping track!). Everything from one-person shows, to puppetry, comedy (both Improv and stand-up), dance, music (acoustic and full band), Shakespeare and even original plays and musicals written specifically for the Scranton Fringe! What this means for most people is that they need to sit down with the paper Festival Guide, the NEW Scranton Fringe app, (OMG we have an app! There’s an app for this! Check it out, it displays all of the Fringe events by time slot! YAY!) or the individual listings on the Scranton Fringe site and plan their attendance at multiple shows. Don’t waste a minute of your Fringe weekend, start putting those puzzle pieces together now to ensure you won’t miss a thing!

Most shows are $10, and we wanted to implement a system that would help people see more performances. If you think you’re going to attend even TWO shows over the course of the weekend, you should get your Fringe Button as soon as possible! They are available at Fringe HQ, all of our great button partners (that are offering different discounts for showing your button until the end of 2015), and starting the end of this week, at all Gerrity’s supermarkets in Lackawanna County!

Good deal

So now we’ve covered the individual ticket prices ($10), the Button Holder prices ($5 for the button, $7 per show). But what if you’re in it to win it? What if you look at all of the productions – the local acts, the regional acts, the shows traveling from places like New Orleans, LA, New York, Texas and more to spend October 1st-4th entertaining the people of NEPA and you can’t wait to gorge on all of these amazing performances? What if you’re someone who travels to NY and Philly to engage with their arts scene or belongs to the Broadway Theater League and counts down the minutes until the season opens? What if, god forbid, you’re one of those people who says ‘there’s nothing good/fun/interesting to do in Scranton’ and you’re simply OVERWHELMED with how many darn good/fun/interesting options Scranton Fringe is presenting to you in one weekend?! Then you, my friend, NEED a VIP Hopper Pass. For a flat price of $50, you can see almost any show presented throughout the entire weekend (excluding only the Late Night Music options)!

VIPThere’s only one catch: Oprah is WRONG!

YES, VIP Hopper Passes are an amazing deal and YES, YOU can have one, but only if you act fast! Because there are a LIMITED number of Hopper Passes and once they’re sold, we’re not making more! #TeamFringe decided to offer this budget friendly art buffet option to the people of NEPA because, let’s be honest, we don’t want anyone to feel that they’re priced out of participating in the arts. We know we’re offering a host of really exciting events under the Fringe umbrella, and we want to make sure it’s possible for people to spend the whole weekend with us, attending events and sharing our love for each and every performance. However, we still need to make sure that the very artists we’re celebrating get paid for their time and effort as well. That’s why we instituted this entire tiered system of payment, and why we’re limiting the VIP Passes.

If you’d like to get your own VIP Hopper Pass, please VISIT Fringe HQ in the Ritz Building (222 Wyoming Ave., Scranton) during our hours of operation (12pm-6pm Thurs-Sat) or message us on Facebook to reserve your pass. These are NOT being sold online like individual tickets to events. They’re not being widely distributed like our Guides and Buttons. But we will have them at our fundraiser in Wilkes Barre tonight & at the EC Music Conference! Claim yours while supplies last!