Hello 2016!

Welcome back to the Scranton Fringe Festival blog! We’ve been busy concentrating on building the festival weekend for 2016, as well as coming up with some new, innovative, and year round projects to bring the best of what Scranton has to offer to its’ wonderful arts community!

We’d be remiss if the first thing we said wasn’t a giant, heartfelt, truly grateful THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Scranton Fringe Festival in 2015!

Thank you Fringe friends!


THANK YOU TO: The audience who made the fest a success! The artists who participated in our 48 shows! The sponsors who took a chance on a new idea! The local businesses who extended their hours and offered discounts to everyone with a Fringe Button! The venues for giving their all! The volunteers, tech managers, venue managers and other helpers who worked their butts off to present each production! And last but definitely NOT least, the audience who made everything worthwhile and, we hope, had as much fun as we did!

Stay tuned for more updates and details about the new directions Scranton Fringe is heading toward in 2016!