Shakespeare at 2016 Scranton Fringe

The Scranton Fringe is a performing arts festival, returning for its second year September 29th – October 2nd 2016 to downtown Scranton. With over fifty productions/special events spanning twelve venues to chose from at the festival the task can seem daunting – we are here to help further introduce you to what the Fringe has to offer!

The world has hosted numerous celebrations all throughout this year (2016) as it marks the 400th anniversary since the death of famed poet, actor and playwright – William Shakespeare. In the 2016 Scranton Fringe Festival, at least two productions draw inspiration from the bard’s work –

Shakespeare’s Will         (Rated  PG)

Presented by the North American Cultural Laboratory

By Vern Thiessen

Performed by Tannis Kowalchuk, Directed by Mimi McGurl, Music by Kurt Knuth.

Tannis Kowalchuk performs the role of Anne Hathaway in a lively song-filled solo performance about the life of Anne Hathaway, the wife of William Shakespeare. Anne knows she must read her husband’s will, but before she does, the widow relives her life as mother, wife, and woman in 17th century Stratford-Upon-Avon. This piece joins the Fringe thanks to its presenter the NACL (North American Cultural Laboratory). The NACL is a professional, non-profit company that has created 18 original ensemble theatre productions and countless public spectacles since 1997.

The sole performer of Shakespeare’s Will, Tannis Kowalchuk (co-founder and artistic director of NACL Theatre) is originally from Canada and trained in the ensemble physical theatre practices of Primus Theatre and Odin Teatret. She has created and performed in 16 NACL productions, and, in 2014, she directed The Weather Project, a large-scale theatre performance with a cast of over 75 professionals and community members. Shakespeare’s Will will be performed at Shopland Hall – learn more / buy tickets here.

All’s Well That Ends As You Like It
(from Four Plays for Coarse Actors)         Rated PG-13

Written by Michael Green
Directed by Heather Stuart

This show embraces the cliches of a traditional, amateur Shakespearean production. It includes absurd verse, a ridiculously unfunny clown, a woman rather pathetically disguised as a man, and a poor slob (coarse actor) that plays five different characters in the course of 30 minutes. A coarse actor was described by the author, Michael Green, as an actor that can remember the lines, but not the order in which they come. The humor is slapstick and adult-themed. This piece was first performed as part of The Coarse Acting Show at the Cathedral Hall, Edinburgh, on August 22nd, 1977 as part of the Edinburgh Fringe.

The cast of this Shakespearian inspired farce includes a cast of such local favorites as Conor McGuigan (recently seen as Macbeth in the 2016 Scranton Shakespeare Festival) Tim McDermott, Bob Hannon, April Guse, Heather Davis, John Pivovarnick and several others! Heather Stuart serves as this production’s director. All’s Well That Ends As You Like It will be performed at the Leonard Theatre (upstairs) – learn more / buy tickets here!