Spotlight On: Woman with Coffee & The Barber’s Moment

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The Scranton Fringe Festival is a performing arts festival, returning for its second year September 29th – October 2nd 2016 to downtown Scranton. With over fifty productions/special events spanning twelve venues to chose from at the festival the task can seem daunting – we are here to help further introduce you to what the Fringe has to offer!

Click here for tickets to Woman with Coffee/The Barber’s Moment.

1. Tell the audience about Actor’s Circle.
Actors Circle at the Providence Playhouse, 35 years in Community Theatre, is located on Providence Road in Scranton.  We are performing two original one acts, Woman with Coffee, written and directed by Ted LoRusso, and The Barber’s Moment, written by John McInerny and directed by Lou Bisignani.

2. What inspired the creation of this Fringe piece?

Last season at AC we were surprisingly successful in showcasing original one-acts by local playwrights.  Then, having witnessed the excitement and talent at Fringe 2015, we decided to submit and participate again in Fringe 2016.

3. Tell us more about the show.

We are delighted to be performing at the Leonard storefront. Like all Fringe shows, our set is minimal.  Woman With Coffee is a funny, yet heart-wrenching piece. It portrays  the relationship between a man and wife whereby the husband is suffering from Alzheimer’s. The husband seems to only make memorable connection to his wife thru “a cup of coffee.”

The Barber’s Moment is more on the dark side.  The audience will witness the revengeful “self-talk” going on in the mind of the town barber while shaving the local greedy sheriff who has somehow wronged the barbers daughter.

4. What other productions in the 2016 Scranton Fringe Festival are you most excited about / planning on seeing? Have you experienced other Fringes?

Many of our fellow actors/directors/writers are among the many Fringe productions.  We’re hoping to get to see as many as we can.   The only Fringe experience we have had was last year’s Scranton Fringe Festival.

5. In six words (no more, no less) what would you say to encourage someone to attend Woman with Coffee/The Barber’s Moment?

“Funny, moving, memorable, a must-see”