2016 Recap of Performances! Thank you!

Thanks to our 2016 performers!

Great job, everyone! We had a great year and can't wait for 2017!

A Journey From Edirne

Rated PG-13

By Ibrahim Sanverer

A Journey from Edirne will be a poetry reading of the works of Ibrahim Sanverer, a Turkish national, who has been living in NEPA since 2008. The readings will be presented starting from the insight of a young boy and ending with an old man on his deathbed.

(60 Minutes  – Poetry)

All’s Well That Ends As You Like It (from Four Plays for Coarse Actors)

Rated PG-13

Written by Michael Green Directed by Heather Stuart

This show embraces the cliches of a traditional, amateur Shakespearean production. It includes absurd verse, a ridiculously unfunny clown, a woman rather pathetically disguised as a man, and a poor slob (coarse actor) that plays 5 different characters in the course of 30 minutes. A coarse actor was described by the author, Michael Green, as an actor that can remember the lines, but not the order in which they come. The humor is slapstick and adult themed. This fast paced and ridiculous comedy will feature 12 of your local favorite performers!

(45 mins – Theater)

Balancing Act:  3 Short Plays

Rated PG-13

Presented by Singular Circus Productions

Written by William Zeranski Directed by William Zeranski, Paul Gallo and David Hunisch

Three short plays (Lost Vegas, Exit Ghost and Nosferatu Amends) will be presented in a special presentation by Singular Circus Productions. Singular Circus Productions wishes to provide the opportunity to stage something new or invigorate that bit of theater that has fallen by the wayside, while the singular goal is to offer theater goers something different. (SPRING BROOK TOWNSHIP, PA)

(60 minutes – Theatre)


Rated R

Presented by The Scranton Fringe Festival

Now under the Fringe’s year round “umbrella,” Scranton StorySlam is back for the 2016 Scranton Fringe Festival with another Big Gay StorySlam! The Scranton StorySlam features some of the Electric City’s most colorful characters in a head to head storytelling competition. Storytellers each have five minutes to tell a true story from memory, in the tradition of old-fashioned storytelling. Various members of the LGBT community and its allies will come together in this community driven event! Hosted by Estella Sweet.

(90+ Minutes – Storytelling) 

C’era Una Volta: Folktales From Italy

Rated PG

Presented by SIAMO NEPA Directed by Stephanie Longo

“C’era una volta” is a selection from a collection of folktales that were archived by folklorists at the Centro di Documentazione della Tradizione Orale (Center of Documentation of Oral Traditions) in Turin, Italy. These folktales were taken from interviews with “anziani”, elderly citizens known as the keepers and guardians of the town’s history. Many of the “anziani” interviewed for this project lived during the eras of immigration and the Second World War. SIAMO has also received a collection of folktales from Scranton’s sister city, Guardia dei Lombardi. All the folktales translated have never been publicly told in the United States

(60 Minutes)

Conductor Cody

Rated PG

Performed by Cody Clark

Conductor Cody is a magical train conductor who takes his audience on a fun-filled railroad adventure. During our train trip, my passengers get to participate in magic moments every step of the way, learn the science behind how trains operate, and be a part of stories related to important moments in railroading history! By the time the train gets back to the station, my passengers will have directly experienced the magic of railroading!

(60 Minutes)

Crank Ensemble East

Rated PG

The Crank Ensemble is a project of visual artists Larnie and Bodil Fox from San Francisco, CA. They make and use hand-cranked instruments from inexpensive materials: plywood, coat-hangers, rubber bands, springs, bones, feathers and other found objects. The instruments function as stand-alone visual art as well as vehicles for performance.

(60 Minutes - Music/Interactive)

Crank Ensemble East Workshop

Rated PG

The Crank Ensemble is a project of visual artists Larnie and Bodil Fox. They make and use hand-cranked instruments from inexpensive materials: plywood, coat-hangers, rubber bands, springs, bones, feathers and other found objects. The instruments function as stand-alone visual art as well as vehicles for performance. Audience members are invited to join in and to explore the sonic possibilities of the instruments.

(60 Minutes - Music/Interactive) 

Ellen Doyle Learns to Love (And Other Lies)

Rated R

Created by Ellen Doyle

Ellen is from Scranton (lie: she is from Clarks Green) though she currently lives in Los Angeles. She is trying to find love (lie: she is seeking attention). She invites you (lie: she orders you) to attend a unique show that is part stand up, part monologue, part play and entirely questionable.

(60 minutes - Comedy)

Escape From Applebee’s

Rated PG-13

Written by Anthony Mercado

Andrew has no idea how long he and his wife have been sitting at their local Applebee’s. An alluring waitress offers them freedom, but at a terrible price. Will they oblige? Or stay trapped in this neighborhood bar and grill forever? Playwright Anthony Mercado (A Tale For Winter) makes his Scranton Fringe debut with this harrowing journey to the dark side of casual dining.

(45 minutes – Theater)

Farty of One

Rated PG-13

Written / Performed by Graceann Dorse

The fart: how can something be so funny, yet so taboo? How can something so universal make us feel so embarrassed and alone? “Farty of One” is a solo variety show that presents the fart in all its glory, hilarity, humbleness, and humanity. Using characters, storytelling, improv, sound effects, and audience participation, Graceann Dorse brings the complexities of the fart to life, cuddling up to it, taking baby pictures of it, and forcing everyone to ooh and aah over its dimples. She hopes you’ll agree: this show stinks!

(60 minutes – Theater/Comedy)

Girl’s Night In

Rated PG-13  

Written and Directed by Tom Flannery

A one act play about the peculiar relationship between a mother and her daughter…and rock and roll. Tom Flannery’s other produced work includes The Driveway (directed by the late Pulitzer Prize winning dramatist Jason Miller), God Bless Roy Campanella, The Spanish Lady, God and the Ghost of Woody Guthrie, The Purgatory Diaries of Jason Miller and many others.

(45 Minutes - Theater)

Happy Birthday Mr. Lunesta

Rated R

Presented by Crystal Dreams

The tad bit creepy and always sleepy Mr. Lunesta is having a birthday party. After the celebratory Happy Birthday is sung he is gifted a set of keys to the doors of life’s unknown questions. Through the doors he will come across mind-altering cabaret style performances. The performers are musicians, dancers, performance artists, and visual art makers. Join us for this soirée of the surreal.

(60 minutes – Cabaret)

Here We Are in Spain

Rated R

Here We Are in Spain is Scranton, PA’s premiere improv comedy group! This group performs its unique humor in an unscripted show you won’t want to miss! The group formed out of a class at the now defunct Comedy Dojo, studying under Chris Barnes, an alum of Chicago’s Second City. HWAIS has performed in venues such as The AFA Gallery, Mt. Airy Resort and Casino and Lebanon Valley College. The group has also performed on the Upright Citizen Brigade’s main stage in NYC several times during the Del Close Marathon.

(60 minutes – Improv/Sketch Comedy)

I Want YOU! (Join the Hugging Army)

Rated PG

By Vanessa Leigh White Fernandes

Vanessa of the hugging army believe in hugs; the giving and receiving of them.  And, she knows that giving hugs brings great physical health as well as emotional health benefits.  Through story, photos, and practice a hugging sensation will be brought to the City of Scranton. Come with a readiness to get close, and to carry it on forever! Audience members will be guided through the process of giving, and receiving, a full, deep, connected hug to another person, and there will be lots of practice!

(60 minutes – Spoken Word/Interactive)

I’m Standing

Rated R

Written and Performed by Maggie Nuttall

This show explores the tumult that is friendship; the pursuit of bad choices; the emotional decisions over money; and the frustration and pain that surrounds it all. A series of funny and engaging stories that brings out laughter and tears, and a little pee. Maggie Nuttall has written and performed in solo shows including Off The Beaten Path at Broadway Comedy Club, Roll With It at the NYC Frigid Festival and By the Seat of My Pants at Under Saint Marks Theatre. Originally from Scranton she majored in theatre at Marywood University.

(60 Minutes  – Theater/Comedy)

Late Night Music on the Fringe

Rated R (21+)

Daniel Amedee and Gold Light / Static In The Attic /Former Friends of Young Americans

Enjoy a mix of local and touring musicians at Scranton’s home for original music, The Keys Bar! Daniel Amedee hails from New Orleans and performs music that is meditative with an edge. Daniel’s quirky, eccentric songwriting style is informed by a haunting bluesy vocals that scratches the soul somewhere between Tom Waits and Captain Beefheart.

Static in the Attic is a blues.rock quartet rooted in Carbondale, PA, that channels vibes from old-school and modern style influences of multiple rockin’ genres. You don’t want to miss their unique style, so come dig the funky riffs and bluesy grooves and feel the Static!

Former Friends of Young Americans hail from Bowling Green Kentucky. Their music has been described as post-folk, with punk-influenced roots and an Americana gothic style. Former Friends of Young Americans’ music pushes at genre boundaries from alternative to ambient, shoegaze to pop.

(120+ Minutes - Music)

Laugh Out Lepka’s Comedy Show

Rated R

Presented by Laugh Out Lepka LLC

Laugh Out Lepka LLC is the premier source for comedy in NEPA, featuring regional talent as well as national headliners. Laugh Out Lepka will present a showcase of hilarious stand up comedy!

(60 minutes – Comedy)

Music with Adam Bailey & Rachel Clark

Rated PG-13   

Modern music with an acoustic twist. Adam has been performing throughout his life in school and other local bands such as “Just Blush,” but has recently entered the music scene as a solo act. Featured as a NEPA Scene’s Got Talent Showcase finalist, Adam’s music has been portrayed as a singer/songwriter style with elements of pop and folk.

Rachel, an original singer/songwriter, has been an active member of the NEPA music scene for years. After time away from the stage (due to lovely life baed interruptions) she is thrilled to be breaking her musical hiatus at the Scranton Fringe!

(120 Minutes – Music) 

One Foot in a Pothole

Rated R 

Featuring Donny Granza & Angelia Petrillo

Back in 2006, when Myspace was just a baby & iPhones didn’t exist, Angelia and Donny first met. He refused to take her to prom, and gave her the nickname Stubs. Their bond eventually grew when they agreed to be married, if they were both single at 40 years old. As their 30th year approaches, marriage is still up in the air, and they’ve each got one foot in the pothole of Scranton. Join these two comics for an out of the box look at life, potholes, and Scranton, Pennsylvania!

(45 minutes – Comedy/Improv)


Rated R (21 +)

A Scranton staple, PANKED! Dance Party will start the Scranton Fringe Festival off right with a wild and crazy costumed extravaganza after the Free Preview Party. Every month DJs Conor McGuigan and Brian Langan spin the freakiest, friendliest and Fringiest dance party in town!

Professor Conundrum High on Math, Not Meth…

Rated PG-13

Presented by FreeSpeak and Some Productions / Written by E.W. Conundrum.

Professor E.W. Conundrum will reflect on some simple, complicated, preposterous, beautiful,rational,absurd and wondrous aspects of life. Poignant connections will be propelled via mathematical philosophy & fact as they emulate the verve of human existence. An experience Verbal, Visual, Physical, Musical – Parallels and contradictions will be touted. Figures and formulas will be drawn… and Great musical artists will join in as they exercise electric to further emulate the power and brilliance of life.

(60 minutes – Spoken Word/Music)

Progressive Soiree

Rated PG

Presented by Ballet Theatre of Scranton

Directed by Janine Baux

A modern dance presentation, with every composition being performed in a different space within the venue. The audience will travel between each contemporary piece of choreography following the format of a progressive dinner party, where every course is served at a different location.

(60 minutes - Dance)


Rated PG-13

Created by Benjamin Eisenhower and Ann Marley

Psyche is a piece of expressionistic theatre that explores the anxieties that millennials and young adults face as they progress into adulthood today. Benjamin Eisenhower is an emerging theatre director and 2016 graduate of Susquehanna University. Ann Marley is an emerging playwright and 2016 graduate of Susquehanna University. They have collaborated together on plays including Lonely Planet and Her Naked Skin at Susquehanna University.

(45 minutes – Theater)

Radical Fermentation

Rated PG-13 

Presented by Pictures Moved By Strings Created / Directed by John Bromberg

Pictures Moved by Strings puppet theatre will tell the story of one pilgrims progress thru the maze of life with the help of Donatello’s putti.  The putti have the anecdotal function of arousing the interest and amusement of all those involved by playing out a light hearted little drama that is independent of the seriousness of the principle theme.  Because of the usual nature of their hijinks we can only hope that they show up for the show!

(45 Minutes  - Theater/Puppetry)


Rated R

Written by Joe McGurl

Forty separate one minute plays giving glimpses into the differing types of relationships encountered in this world. Joe McGurl is an actor/comedian/writer born in Dunmore, PA.. Joe honed his acting skills as a very active member of The Scranton Shakespeare Festival and eventually taking for his Off-Broadway debut in The Commedia Rapunzel in the summer of 2015.

 (45 minutes – Theater)

RETROSPECTIVE: Journey to the Center of THE Salacious Pop Icon

Rated PG-13

Presented by the New Vintage Ensemble

Created by Simone Daniel & Jessica McDonough

The internet/media is drowning in stories about Kanye West, and everyone has an opinion about him. Most of them negative, and understandably so. But if we look at the persona the way he sees himself we can maybe see ourselves in a new way too. This performance piece will attempt to dislodge the audience from assumptions and use their senses to understand the work of a true artist and one’s own journey to rightful confidence. To love yourself like Kanye loves Kanye. (SCRANTON, PA)

(60 minutes – Theater/Dance/Spoken Word)

Scranton Decameron Goes to the Hospital

Rated R 

Written and Directed by Ted LoRusso

“Scranton Decameron Goes to the Hospital” is a continuation of “Scranton Decameron: Part One -The First 30” which as featured in the inaugural Scranton Fringe Festival. This second installment focuses on the common experiences many share within a hospital. Thirty plays about births, appendectomies, brain tumors, face lifts, an unfortunate mishap with Viagra and much more.

(60 Minutes  –  Theater)

Scranton Fringe Short Film Series

Rated R

A collection of short films from five to 20 minutes in length, curated by Scranton Fringe. The Sunday showing will include a bonus 30 minute talkback panel with selected filmmakers.


Scranton Fringe Teen Playwright Workshop Reading

Rated PG

Presented by the Scranton Festival in partnership with The Everhart Museum

Stage readings of work created by regional youth (grades 7-12) which they developed at a professional workshop series presented by Scranton Fringe and The Everhart Museum under the direction of instructor Ted LoRusso.

Please note: This event is free to the public, but donations to help support the community programming of the Scranton Fringe Festival will be accepted.

(60 minutes - Theater)

Shakespeare’s Will

Rated  PG

Presented by the North American Cultural Laboratory

By Vern Thiessen

Performed by Tannis Kowalchuk, Directed by Mimi McGurl, Music by Kurt Knuth

Tannis Kowalchuk performs the role of Anne Hathaway in NACL’s lively song-filled solo performance about the life of the wife of William Shakespeare. The play begins on the afternoon of Shakespeare’s funeral.  Anne knows she must read her husband’s will but before she does, the widow relives her life as mother, wife, and woman in 17th century Stratford-Upon-Avon.  NACL (North American Cultural Laboratory) is a professional, non-profit company that has created 18 original ensemble theatre productions and countless public spectacles since 1997. Founded by Canadian-born Tannis Kowalchuk and American Brad Krumholz, NACL operates a theatre space and retreat center in Highland Lake, NY.

(60 Minutes – Theatre/Solo)

Shedding Skin

Rated PG-13

Presented by Creative Moves Created by Julie Leir-VanSickle

An exploration of change and transformation via dance and text. Can we ever truly leave who we were behind? What do we leave behind when we move on? Julie Leir-VanSickle is a dancer, choreographer/creator, performer and mixed media artist. She is the founder of Creative Moves, and current member of Callous Physical Theatre.

(45 minutes – Dance/Spoken Word)

Taking Linda

Rated PG

Written by Art Walsh

A young man is hired unwittingly to babysit a kidnap victim who may not be the intended target. The young man and the woman are then inadvertently locked in the basement hideaway.

(60 minutes – Theater)

The Dorothy Matrix 8-Bit Orchestra

Rated PG

Presented by Sloopygoop

The timeless appeal of Classical music meets the classic appeal of retro gaming!  The Dorothy Matrix 8-bit Orchestra features drag queen Dorothy Matrix as the conductor of an orchestral concert featuring selections ranging from Mozart to Prokofiev. The orchestra is comprised of 8 vintage Nintendo Game Boys. Dorothy presses the Start buttons and the music begins – in a surreal combination of performance art, electronic music, and synchronized light. (PHILADELPHIA PA)

(60 minutes – Musical/Theater)

The Eulogy

Rated PG-13

Written and Performed by Michael Burgos

A parody of a funeral, The Eulogy features a menagerie of characters whose inept and inapt speeches give anything but a proper homage. A cult hit of the 2015 Scranton Fringe, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning The Eulogy returns to Scranton after more than 100 performances across North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe including sold out runs at the Adelaide Fringe and Capital (Washington DC) Fringe. (FALLS CHURCH, VA)

(60 minutes – Theater)

The Fury

Rated R

Written by Tony Thomas

A desperate con man discovers a young boy who is said to have terrifying and mysterious powers. He uses the boy as a religious revival in a land damaged by war and famine. As their travels go on, a great horror emerges.

(60 minutes – Theater)

The Greatest Actor in the World

Rated R  

Written  / Read by Brandon Halsey

Award-winning author Brandon Halsey presents a live reading of his newest novella. Set against the backdrop of community theatre, is the story of a young man whose dreams of becoming a famous actor has gone unrealized (so far).

(60 Minutes  – Spoken Word)

The Outrageous Nancy Bisignani and Death in Texas

Rated PG-13

Presented by 411 Studio

The first half will be a found footage documentary style video depicting a fictional 1950’s Texas death penalty case.  This will be followed with Nancy Bisignani: fantastic, outrageous and hilarious tales from her life; orally presented by Lou Bisignani.

(45 minutes - Film/Spoken Word/Comedy)

The Playboy of the Western World

Rated PG

Written by John Millington Synge

Directed by Mark Mallecoccio

The Playboy of the Western World is a comedic romp through turn-of-the-century Ireland, written by J.M. Synge. Set in Michael James Flaherty’s public house it tells the story of Christy Mahon, a young man running away from his farm, claiming he killed his father. The locals are more interested in vicariously enjoying his story than in condemning the immorality of his murderous deed, and in fact, Christy’s tale captures the romantic attention of the bar-maid Pegeen Mike, the daughter of Flaherty. (DICKSON CITY, PA)

(60 minutes – Theater)

The Poe Asylum

Rated PG-13 

Presented by Ghostlight Productions

Tales of madness can be found in any asylum, but entering the Poe Asylum will bring you face to face with insanity and its many sources. Built on a theatrical adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s most macabre and spine-chilling stories, the Poe Asylum is a unique, interactive experience which will allow you rediscover Poe’s work in a very intimate way. Whatever path you choose, fear not; unlike the inmates of the Poe Asylum, you may choose to leave the experience at any time.

(60 Minutes  – Theater/Interactive)

The World Will Stop if We Make a Mistake

Rated PG-13

Created by Patrick Holmes and Sarah Regan

Judy and Zack are just like you. They have loving relationships, families of their own and full-time jobs. When Zack finds a box containing several notes, cards and letters Judy has sent to him over 25 years, they discover a comic strip they created as kids. The friends find that their childhood selves have a lot to offer; and they begin to believe that they’ll be able to weather their uncertain futures with courage and good humor. (JERMYN, PA)

(50 minutes – Theater/Puppetry)

The Writers’ Showcase at the Fringe

Rated PG

The Writers’ Showcase, now in its fourth year, has featured over 100 local, regional, and national writers. It has featured poets, novelists, and playwrights. This special Fringe showcase will focus on the strong literary community of NEPA.

(60 minutes – Spoken Word)


Rated PG-13

Presented by Gaslight Theatre Co.

Written by David Parmelee

Based completely on online reviews of toasters, juicers, mousetraps, condoms, and toilet plungers. Edited, but none rewritten. Hysterical, filled with pathos and brimming with insights into the human condition. You will be astonished at what people reveal about themselves in online reviews.

(60 minutes - Theater)

Where The Trees Are Presents: Too Many Chairs

Rated R

Normally, as a long-form improv troupe, the recommended amount of chairs is approximately two. Where The Trees are has decided to say “screw tradition,” and has rented a ridiculous amount of chairs to perform in, on, around, over, and under. It’s a standard La Ronde improv format, but with the bonus of being surrounded by a ton of chairs. It won’t be easy. It just might hurt. And they can’t wait to present it for the very first time!

(60 minutes - Comedy/Improv) 

Woman With Coffee/The Barber’s Moment

Rated R

Presented by Actor’s Circle

Actors Circle, a theatre company celebrating over thirty years within our community will present two one act plays in a combined production,  Woman With Coffee (portrays the effect of Alzheimer’s on a marriage) andThe Barber’s Moment (the inner thoughts of a 19th century barber drives a story of violence, greed and family).

(60 minutes – Theater)


After binging on the Fringe – come unwind with Team Scranton Fringe at AFA Gallery and tell us all about your favorite shows, enjoy some light food/drink and check out the visual Fringe exhibit!