Emmy-winning journalist joins Scranton Fringe 2018 Festival

Inside Mecca: Insights along the Path of Abraham

(March 21st 2018)    Emmy Award-winning journalist and filmmaker Anisa Mehdi will be featured at the 2018 Scranton Fringe Festival to present the acclaimed National Geographic documentary “Inside Mecca”, of which she directed and produced. Anisa is the first American to cover the Hajj Pilgrimage for television from the Arabian Peninsula. She will bring Scranton audiences behind the scenes of the world’s largest annual religious gathering and share stories from her current position as Executive Director of Abraham Path Initiative. Both the pilgrimage and the path have their roots in the journey of the legendary prophet Abraham.

Anisa Mehdi

“Inside Mecca: Insights Along the Path of Abraham” takes place on September 23rd in a downtown Scranton Fringe Festival venue (venue and time to be announced). The screening, discussion, and Q&A is free and open to the public. This program is a special presentation of the 2018 Scranton Fringe Festival.

The Scranton Fringe Festival returns for its fourth year this fall, September 22nd – 30th 2018. The Scranton Fringe is a multi-venue performing arts Festival dedicated to creating an accessible platform for artists and audiences alike. Applications for the 2018 Scranton Fringe Festival remain open till March 30th via scrantonfringe.org/apply .


All those interested in submitting their own theatrical / performing arts based works are encouraged to visit the link and/or contact Festival staff with any questions by March 30th.