Nomad’s Mountain


Through a compelling combination of storytelling, songwriting, and dance, “Nomad’s Mountain” delves into the pressures and crises faced by young people viewed as outsiders. Meanwhile, school authorities and parents remain invested in the status quo in their somber community resting in the shadow of a large mountain that both protects and conceals. Nomad has been tagged by his teacher, Mag, and some fellow students as a troublemaker because he can conceive of a reality beyond sanctuary provided by The Mountain. He even imagines worlds on the other side of The Mountain once he realizes that an “other side of the mountain” can exist at all.

“Nomad’s Mountain” is an all-original musical that will be performed by PATAsphere, the same company that brought “Just A Penny,” “North Star Alley,” and “In Search of Marjee” to the Scranton Fringe Festival in 2018, 2019, and 2022.

The story was created by Orlando R. Barone and Cari M. Tellis, script was written by OR Barone, and the 18 songs were written by the Performing Arts Training Academy songwriting team including Katharine McElroy Manasco, Noah Sunday-Lefkowitz, Orlando R. Barone, and Cari Tellis.

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Event Details
Genre: PG (ages 8+)
Duration: 90 mins
Price: $15

Full: $15

Full: $15

Full: $15


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