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Comedy Done Write! Mastering the Art of Crafting a Story 

Date: Saturday, September 28
Time: 10:00am-1:00pm*
Instructor: Mary Rapach
       Do you have a story or story idea you have been wanting to workshop?
Are you interested in refining material for an open mic night? Are you looking to make a
good story great? This is your chance to up your game by learning new techniques to
tighten your language, heighten engagement, and create a tale that will entertain far
more than your circle of friends! This workshop will give performers an opportunity to
start or refine an up to five-minute stand-up set, sketch, or story for an audience.
*This workshop culminates in a performance by attendees on the Fringe Comedy Stage
Thursday, October 3 at 6:30 pm.
Instructor Bio: Mary Rapach is a comic, playwright, and author with an extensive
background in writing and performance. Twice a featured reader/performer at the
prestigious Printer’s Row Book Fair in Chicago, Rapach also led writers’ feedback
workshops and was a Director with the Tall Grass Writer’s Guild. Additionally, Rapach
studied and performed sketch, comedy, and improv at Chicago’s famed Second City
Theatre & Training Center.
Level: Beginner & Intermediate; this workshop is an opportunity to workshop new
material in a supportive environment. Thursday night performance is optional. (It’s also
a great chance to hit the stage in front of a supportive audience!) 18 & over.
Fee: $35

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It’s All in the Scene! (Improv Comedy)

Date: Saturday, September 28
Time: 2:00-4:00pm
Instructor: Lauren Esposito
           Feeling nervous in an improv scene? Not sure what to do? This workshop
is designed to help you discover what’s already there to develop characters, stories,
and scenes. We’ll explore our go-to habits as improvisers – some of which develop out
of fear or a desire to please others – and bring our attention back to the scene and our
scene partner. Through exercises in listening and responding, we’ll practice slowing
down, connecting with our scene partners, and reacting truthfully in the moment, so that
we can tell funny stories together. Let’s have fun!
Instructor Bio: Lauren Esposito performs and teaches introductory improv classes and
advanced workshops with the Syracuse Improv Collective in Syracuse, NY. She
recently joined up with Scranton Improv & Comedy and is excited to work with new
improvisers and artists. Lauren also teaches at Marywood University and has studied
improv with teachers at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and Magnet Theater in
Level: Beginner & Intermediate. 18 & over.
Fee: $25


Unblock & Unlock: Characters from Within

Instructor: Kate Walsh
Date: Sunday, September 29
Time: 11:00am-1:00pm
       Want to explore the depths of your creativity? Let’s find the fun and new
inside of you! In this workshop, you will learn to have fun with discovering those
characters hidden deep inside of you. Using games and studied techniques, we will
discover great new characters from within. This class combines learning and fun as
Kate is known for her spunky characters, spontaneity, and physical comedy. Unblock,
unlock, and come join the fun!
Instructor Bio: Kate Walsh has been studying and performing improv for over 14 years and
teaching for over 3 years. She began at Fairfield University in CT and joined a house
team at the Redhouse Theatre in Syracuse, NY. Since then, she has been on various
teams in the Tri-State area. Currently, Kate is a member of both Death by Improv and
Howdy Stranger in Hackensack, NJ. Walsh has studied at Magnet Theater in NYC and
performed in the Boston Improv Fest and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. Kate
teaches both teens and adults introductory and advanced level, classes. When not
improvising, she enjoys skiing, podcasts, and pondering if she really should try the
Konmari cleaning method.
Level: Beginner & Intermediate. 18 & over.
Fee: $25
Intro to Improv for Non-Actors – We are all Improvisers!
Instructor: Diana Scott Shields
Date: Sunday, September 29
Time: 2:00-4:00pm
Are you improv curious? Have you found yourself wanting to attend an
Improv Jam, but a bit nervous about jumping in? Has someone in your work or personal
life suggested you might like improv? Come to this welcoming, positive, and supportive
workshop and learn the basic rules of improv and experience how it can boost your
confidence, free your creativity, and build your communication skills. Take this class as
prep before joining an Improv Jam or starting classes with Scranton Improv this Fall.
Laughs guaranteed.
Instructor Bio: Diana is the Founder of Scranton Improv & Comedy and is on a mission to
share the joy of improv with Northeast PA. During her sales and marketing career in LA,
NYC, and SF, she turned to improv and comedy classes to improve her public
speaking, presentations, and overall happiness. More recently, as a Life & Business
Coach, Diana utilizes techniques from improv and positive psychology to help clients
tap into their creativity and humor to build their listening and communication skills.
Level: Terrific for beginners. All welcome. 18 & over.
Fee: $25

Yoga On The Fringe

Yoga in the gallery provides an opportunity to practice a series of gentle yoga poses inspired by the art and the fringe. Taught by registered yoga instructor and the Gallery’s Art Coordinator Lindsay Barrasse. This practice is 45 minutes and for all levels – beginners welcome! This event is totally free, donation-based! 

Monday, September 30th at 6 pm at the AFA Gallery (514 Lackawanna Ave, 1st floor). 

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Monoscene Workshop – Creating Grounded Improv Scenes

Instructors: Richie Warmkeseel & Sarah White
Date: Saturday, October 5
Time: 10:00am-12:00pm
       Learn to play emotionally grounded 20-30 minute scenes with no tag-outs.
The Monoscene is one location dedicated form that will heighten your sense of
playing in grounded reality and with patience. Each performer will have to establish a
character and through that character, they will explore the environment they create and
seek out why these characters are together and for what reason. The Monoscene
focuses on playing strong points of view and juggling multiple games within a single
Instructors Bios:  Richie Warmkeseel and Sarah White are comedians from Allentown, PA
who perform stand up, sketch, and improv comedy. They have performed individually
for close to 10 years and together for 4 years with their improv team Cat Sweaters. Both
Richie and Sarah have experience in long-form and short-form improv and currently
perform and teach long-form at Steelstacks in Bethlehem, PA. UnaVOIDable is a
duoprov team that specializes in a monoscene and they use unavoidable situations as
their jumping-off point for scenes. They are so excited to be teaching and performing at
Scranton Fringe Festival!
Level: Intermediate. 18 & over.
Fee: $25
The Search for Game in Improv
Instructor: Jeffrey White
Date: Saturday, October 5
Time: 1:00 pm -4:00pm
 By truly listening and investigating your scene partner, you will find
everything you need for your scene. The need to pull something out of thin air
diminishes as we honor the offers already given to build our scene. In this workshop, we
explore the Game of the scene while training ourselves to see the unusual and then
play with it. In our scenes, interesting ideas can get passed over and left behind while
frantically trying to find the next interesting thing. What you came up with is enough,
trust yourself.
Instructor Bio: Jeff is an improv teacher, coach, and performer. He teaches Intro to Improv
and Scene Work through the Syracuse Improv Collective, as well as drop-in classes,
the occasional one-off workshop, and has been known to coach a team or two. Jeff has
studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA. He performs regularly with
his team, Heavy Metal Heat Wave, in Syracuse, NY.
Level: Beginner & Intermediate. 18 & over.
Fee: $25
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Marketing 101: Story Selling

How artists and creatives can use their story to fill more seats, book more shows & sell more work!

Brought to you by Cristin Powers & Chrissy Manuel, the creative marketing duo behind ScrantonMade. An interactive marketing workshop for artists and creative business owners, where we will discuss the foundations of marketing as well as how to identify and capture your individual story to sell more or what you have to offer! A light brunch will be served and this event has no fee/cost. 

Sunday, October 6th, (11 am-1 pm) at the AFA Gallery (514 Lackawanna Ave, 1st floor).

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