Daughters, Wives, Mothers: Lady and O-P-H-E-L-I-A

Madeline Burk and Shira Holtz

Who is a "mad woman" away from those who made her that way? Lady Macbeth and Ophelia, two of Shakespeare's most iconic female characters, begin their stories as women of status; they are well-loved, but not well understood by the people in their lives. Each has a moment offstage, unseen and unheard, a turning point: a moment of solitude that changes everything, a moment audiences seldom get to see. Daughters, Wives, Mothers examines what womanhood and girlhood mean through the lenses of Lady Macbeth and Ophelia in a single unobserved, “mad” moment. Who could they have been with a real, loving community? With real, loving mothers? And how have they survived up until this point?

60 mins


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