No It to Get

Gaslight Theatre Company, Ultimate Form Productions

Inspired by the works of Samuel Beckett's absurd masterpiece "Endgame", Shakespeare's' Fool in "King Lear", and an incessant search for humanity's true meaning in the world, we see the lives of "Me" and "You" as they explore what could have been, what has already transpired, and the most frightening of all: what is to come. As the clock ticks down to the "End of the Game" see this dynamic duo navigate through fits of utter buffoonery, absolute destruction, and the realization of being the only two left in their world. Watch on as "You" is pulled away from "Me" as "Me" desperately tries to hold on to "You". What will become of these two? Only "Time will tell... if Time still tells".

Written by and dedicated in memory of local Playwright/Author/Lover of all art and very dear friend, Robert A. Anderson.

60 mins


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